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FearOfPhysics.com: Visual Physics

Speed and Acceleration
The science behind how something moves.
Why things fall: Fall Video.
What is "the pull" in "the pull of gravity?"
Collisions: Light, Heavy, Same.
What happens when two things crash into each other?
Why Satellites Don't Fall
How is it that they stay up there?
Roller Coasters: Free Rides.
Sure they're fun...and loaded with Physics too!
Make your Jump Shot: Video, Ball Ride.
The science behind making a shot in basketball.
Cart Throws Ball
If a cart throws a ball, where will the ball land?

Can you help two kids ride a seesaw?

Sun, Earth, Moon: Orbit, Eclipses, On Moon, On Sun, Moon Phases
Stuff involving these three heavenly bodies.

First one Down
Throw one ball and drop another. Which one lands first?

Things that Spin: The race, Wheel (still), Wheel (spinning).
Strange things can happen when things spin.

Swinging Pendulums: Different starts.
Strange facts about things that swing back and forth.

Sound: 2D, How we hear, Play sounds.
What is sound anyway?
The Doppler Effect: Why, Hear it.
Sometimes we don't hear what we're supposed to.
Einstein's Relativity: The house.
What happens when you move very very fast?
Zero g: Zero g Video, A Pendulum.
How can you make gravity go away?
Ball on a String
A ball is twirled on a string. Then the string is cut....
Shake it!
Why earthquakes can be so destructive.
What is an Atom?: Orbits, Quantum, The Atom.
We can't see them, so what does an atom look like?
Strange Writings: A Problem, Deciphered
How a physicist would solve a problem.
What is Friction?: An Experiment
Friction doesn't really want you to move; ever.
Computer Programming: Projectile motion
Learn to code while learning some math.