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Set up for the Sun, Earth, and Moon

This selection is about the Sun, Moon, and the Earth, and how they move around in space. The graphics you'll see here are not real. They were generated by a computer simulation of three bodies: one to play the role of the Sun, one to play the role of the Earth, and one for the Moon. In the graphics you'll see,

the Sun will look like this

the Earth will look like this

and the Moon will look like this

The green spot on the Earth is supposed to represent a city where you might be located. So as you watch the upcoming graphics, imagine that you are in the green city. It reflects how you are moving through space right now, as you sit on our moving earth!

So, although this is not a 100% precise scientific simulation, it is a pretty good copy of how our Sun, Moon and Earth move through space. And, it's a lot of fun to watch!

Click here to see the Sun, Earth, and Moon moving....

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