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[1]Two people stand d= m away from a large plane mirror. They are spaced x= m apart. At what angle does one of them have to shine the flashlight on the mirror so that the reflected beam shines on the other person?

[2]A coin is at the bottom of a swimming pool filled with liquid d= m deep. The liquid has an index of refraction of nL= none (water has nL=1.3). How deep does the coin appear to be to someone looking at it from the air above the water?

[3]A beam of light traveling in water strikes the surface of a transparent object at an angle of \theta1= o . If the angle of refraction in the material is \theta2= o , what is the index of refraction of the material.

[4]Light passes from medium A to medium B at an angle of incidence of \theta1= o . The index of refraction of A is " " times that of B.
  1. What is the angle of refraction?
  2. What is the ratio of the speed of light in B to the speed of light in A?
  3. At what angle of incidence would the light be totally internally reflected?