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[1]Two people are sitting a distance r= m apart. One person has a mass m1= kg . The other person has a mass m2= kg . What is the force of gravitational attraction between the two people?

[2]You land on a mysterious new planet, and find that it has a mass of M= kg and a radius of R= m . What acceleration due to this planet's gravity do you feel on the surface of the planet?

[3]You are the CEO of a hot new telecommunications company and need to put a satellite in orbit above the Earth. The satellite has a mass of m= kg , and you need an orbit a distance h= m above the Earth. How fast does the satellite need to be moving to stay in orbit (e.g. what is v in the figure)?

[4]The acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface is 9.8 m/s2. What is the acceleration due to gravity at a distance h= m above the surface of the Earth?

[5]Looking through your telescope, you discover a new planet with a moon orbiting around it, much like our Moon orbits around the Earth. You figure out that this new moon orbits around its planet once every t= hours , with an orbital radius of r= meters . What is the mass of this new planet?