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[1]A particle carrying the charge of electrons travels at right angles to a magnetic field of Telsa , while traveling at v= m/s . What force is on the particle?

[2]An electron travels at v= m/s in a plane perpendicular to a B= Tesla magnetic field. Describe the path of the electron.

[3]What is the velocity must a proton have if it is to go undeflected when passing through a magnetic field of B= Tesla which is crossed with an electric field of E= V/m ?

Here, the E-field is the red arrows, and the B-field is the blue crosses. So the E-field points down and the B-field points into the screen. The proton is the black dot, moving with some speed v shown by the black arrow.

[4]How fast must an electron travel in a B-field of strength Tesla to travel in a circle of radius r= m ? The magnetic field is perpendicular to the velocity of the electron.

[5]A particle of mass m= kg has a charge of q= C . It is traveling to the right at a speed of v= m/s . It travels in a region containing a B-field. The B-field points straight up, as shown by this figure.

The B-field has a strength of B= Tesla . Ignoring gravity, how far is the particle deflected from its original line of travel after traveling d= m ?

[6]A particle is shot into a magnetic field region as shown here.

If the particle is shot in with a speed of v= m/s , has a charge of q= C and a mass of m= kg , how strong must the magnetic field be so the particle just misses the right plate, given that the plates are separated by a distance d= m ?

[7]A proton enters a magnetic field region with B= Tesla , and a speed v= m/s at an angle \theta= degrees as shown. The dimensions of the box containing the magnetic field are y= m by x= m .

  1. How long will it take the proton to reach the top of the box?
  2. Will the electron strike the right edge of the box?