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All of that Strange Stuff Physicists Write!

One of the most common thoughts about Physicists is that any "physics thing" written on paper is absolute nonsense. The equations and theoretical scribblings are jibberish, and only a very strange person could understand them.

Does this look like nonsense? Not a chance! Everything here is a valid relationship from a math or physics point of view. In fact, without at least FIVE of the equations here, the screen you are looking at right now would not even be invented yet!

A Physicist will almost always use math and equations. It is said that math is "the language of Physics." This is true. Physics is a very precise and rigorous science. It requires the logic, laws, and the precision of math. Physicists often write and use Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus as part of their ideas.

Enough! To illustrate all of this, let's solve a problem the way a physicist would. Here it is:

A car traveling at 15.6 meters per second (about 56 km/hr) is 24.0 meters from a barrier when the driver slams on the brakes. The car hits the barrier 2.0 seconds later. What is the car's deceleration when the brakes are on, and how fast is the car moving when it hits the barrier?

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