FearOfPhysics.com: Do an experiment with friction

Do an experiment with Friction

Here's the situation: you're driving and there's a traffic jam up ahead. Make your selections, and see if you can stop your vehicle right behind the traffic, without running into it.

This experiement has to do with the friction between the rubber of your tires, and the asphalt of the road. When your vehicle brakes here, the wheels will lock (sorry, no ABS!), and the rubber tires will grind and drag along the asphalt road. The friction between your tires and the road is what allows you to stop. Be careful though! The more slippery the surface, the less friction for stopping!

It is recommended that you start with a "dry" road. Try more slippery surfaces after that.

I want to try to stop a moving at on a road. I'll slam on the brakes away from the traffic jam.

1) Speeds must be between 0 and 100 mph (0 and 47 meters per second).
2) You are only shown the last 90 meters (288 feet) before the traffic jam.

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