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What Happens When Two Things Collide

This selection will show you what happens when two objects crash into each other, or collide.

A collision between two objects involves two things: how much mass each object has, and how fast it is going when it entered the collision.

This page will allow you to set up your own crash movie by selecting different vehicles and speeds. Fasten your seat belt!

Show me the collision between a

moving at

and a

moving at .

(Speeds between 0 and 100 mph (0 and 47 meters per second) work best.)

Turn "the Physics"

Here are some videos of carts colliding on a track:

  • See this one. A light cart crashes into a heavy cart. This is like a scooter into a truck.

  • See this one. A heavy cart crashes into a light cart. This is like a truck into a scooter.

  • See this one. Two carts with the same weight. This is like crashing two of the same vehicles into each other.