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Fearofphysics Presents: "Doughtronics"

Build electronics using dough

Scroll through the pictures to take a tour.

Buy your Doughtronics Kit - $39.99 (+ $6.00 shipping)

What's in the kit?

What can you do with this kit?

A lot! Here's 20+ things you can build. To see it all in action, watch this or this.


All orders ship within 3 business days.

What's your return policy?

We are happy to process returns within 30 business days from the order. Buyer assumes return shipping, and a 10% restocking fee. After 30 days, we'll work with you to fix what might be wrong (broken part, etc.). Contact us at the address below.

The LED won't light and/or the beeper won't make a sound. Are they burned out?

Likely not. Reverse the connection wires and the LED should light and the beeper should "beep." LEDs are marvelous light sources, but only work one way in a circuit.

Can I used my own dough / Play-doh?

Yes! All brands and colors work just fine!

What about dough sticking to the metal contacts?

You should wipe them off, as it helps the electrical conductivity. We just wait until the dough dries a bit on the contacts, then it crumbles right off.

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Questions? Email us at fopc...@gmail.com. During normal business hours, we'll write you back within an hour.